Apple, The Secret Ingredient This Thanksgiving

Every family has one member who "just knows" computers. The person who gets pounced on to "Check out my computer" or "Show me how to work my camera real quick" as soon as they walk through the door. Chances are if you're reading TUAW, that person is you.

We want to hear your holiday horror story of tech support. The worst black hole of "This'll just take a second to fix" that you've ever experienced, and then let us know how much easier the whole situation could have been if it had been an Apple product.

  • 90 Seconds or Less
  • Describe your holiday tech nightmare
  • Fix it with an Apple product


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1st Place Film

Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard This keyboard is one of the best keyboards you can find for your Mac... and your iPad... and your iPhone. That's right, with a quick click of the button, you can seamlessly switch back and forth between any of your connected devices. It was one of our favorite devices we played with this year at TUAW.

2nd Place Film

Lantronix xPrintServer Home Edition You'll be set up and printing from you iDevices in just minutes with this simple little printserver. Perfect for the PC-less printing world.

3rd Place Film

X-Doria Dash Icon Hard Case for MacBook Air 13 When you need to protect all 13" and you want to look good doing it, this polycarbonate hardcase is the way to go.

4th Place Film

The beautiful Snooze iPhone Alarm Clock by DistilUnion started life as a runaway Kickstarter campaign success story, and continues to sell out today. You can win one of these rare beauties for your nightstand today.